Everybody loves Twitter. It’s a great place to keep up with friends, favorite celebrities and colleagues. It’s also a great place to get small snippets of valuable information in your field; provided you’re following the right people. Many people don’t even consider that medical researchers might release information on Twitter, but many do use this medium as a quick way to get info to the public. Here are 19 people in the clinical research field you should be following on Twitter.

  1. Indian CRO: The largest Clinical Research Organization in India. This organization posts regularly about the research they’re doing. They are heavily into drug research, particularly diabetes drug research.
  2. Clinical Research, UK: Tayside Academic Health Sciences Centre in the UK in partnership with the University of Dundee tweet about their clinical research. This is a very large research organization in the UK; they offer lots of information via tweets.
  3. The University of Arizona Asthma Clinical Research Centre: Keep up with what’s going on in the field of asthma research with this Twitter page from the University of Arizona. The University of Arizona is home to one of the largest asthma research organizations in the country.
  4. Harvard Research: Keep up with the medical research going on at Harvard University. Harvard is one of the foremost university research hospitals in the world. They make amazing medical discoveries every year. They have a medical staff of over 8000.
  5. RCR Clinical: Rochester Clinical Research Labs conducts research in all facets of medicine.
  6. Mayo Clinic: The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota is one of the world’s foremost clinical research organizations. The Mayo Clinic performs research on a wide variety of medical issues and makes significant medical discoveries regularly.
  7. Clinical Research Trials: This group in the DC area specializes in clinical trials and research into anxiety and depression.
  8. Clinical Research Organization in Aubrey Texas: Keep up to date in clinical research studies going on, as well as clinical research management jobs.
  9. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health: One of the foremost universities and schools of public health, Johns Hopkins can keep you up to date on many areas of the health field, including clinical research and clinical trials.
  10. The NIH: The NIH (National Institute of Health) is the nation’s medical research agency. They make important medical discoveries on a regular basis.
  11. The National Institute of Mental Health: This is the world’s largest scientific organization dedicated to the research of mental health.
  12. AIDS.Gov: Follow the clinical research on AIDS through this Twitter page.
  13. Duke Global Health: Duke University Hospital, one of the country’s foremost medical centers and research hospitals, provides information on their clinical research, among other issues, at Duke Global Health on Twitter.
  14. APHA: American Public Health Association: This group works to protect Americans from health threats.
  15. Trinity College Dublin: They tweet research findings on a regular basis.
  16. Alzheimer’s Trust: The UK’s leading organization on Alzheimer’s and dementia research. This is a non profit organization.
  17. Cancer Research UK: The UK’s leading cancer research organization. This is a non profit charity research organization.
  18. Autism Research: Keep up with clinical research in the area of autism.
  19. Curing Cancer: Keep up with the latest research on cancer via this website that specializes in cancer research news. This group performs research but also keeps up with all the cancer research in the UK. It’s a great one stop shop for cancer research news.

There is simply an unfathomable amount of clinical research going on in the world right now. Just the number of clinical drug trials is staggering. Even for the most dedication medical professional, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news.

That’s another reason why Twitter is so great. You can sign up to follow clinical researchers like the ones listed here, or just the ones who are doing research in your particular area of specialty. Then, you can get quick updates on changes and developments in the world of clinical medical research.

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