There are plenty of people who already know that science can be a whole lot of fun. For those folks, new science experiments to perform mean more fun and more education in your home laboratory. Whether you’re trying to work on a science project with your child, pass along your love for science to your kids, or you just want to have a little fun on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you’re sure to love these 19 websites that offer tutorials and information about many different science experiments.

  1. CSIRO: CSIRO is an Australian site that gives you lots of experiments you can do at home. Many surround biodiversity and they are specific to plants and species found in Australia.
  2. Mom’s Homeroom: This site has a great video that shows you several simple experiments parents can do at home with their kids. This is a great site for homeschooling parents.
  3. California Science Center: This is the website of California’s Science Center. You’ll find lots of experiments you can do at home here.
  4. The Science Club: You’ll find science experiments, including building projects on this great site.
  5. Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab: This is a great site for kids and for adults. There are a variety of different kinds of experiments here.
  6. Synapse: Go here for a cool convection experiment with smoke.
  7. Helium: Helium offers several great articles with explanations for how to do experiments.
  8. Homework Spot: This is the science fair center for homework spot. There are some great ideas for science fair projects, including instructions on how to make the projects.
  9. Do it Yourself: Do it Yourself offers lots of tutorials on lots of do it yourself projects, including science experiments.
  10. Science Bob: The Science Bob website offers lots of great science information. You’ll find videos and science questions and answers, along with some really cool experiments.
  11. Science Fair Idea Exchange: Find lots of great ideas for science fair experiments at all age and capability levels here. You’ll also find all the info you need to complete the experiment yourself.
  12. Fun Science Gallery: This website is loaded with fun experiments that don’t cost a lot of money. You’ll find plenty of experiments suited for adults in addition to experiments for kids.
  13. Mad Science: This site offers a wide range of great experiments. Some are even edible. Many of these are great fun for kids, such as homemade slime and a cabbage juice pH indicator.
  14. Fun with Science: You’ll find a wide range of fun experiments here, from a variety of scientific disciplines.
  15. Spark, Bang, Buzz: This site has scientific and technical projects that are fairly simple to complete, yet provide plenty of entertainment and education too.
  16. Instructables: Instructables is a great website, offering “how tos” on a wide range of things. Their science page offers some wonderful experiments, including a ballistic bubble machine and growing silver crystals.
  17. Green Terra Firma: Check out this great project on building your own wind turbine with this project from Green Terra Firma.
  18. Super Science Fair Projects: This site also offers plenty of ideas for experiments and science fair projects at all levels of education and experience. The experiments are divided by age and education category.
  19. Science Project: Science Project offers just what its name implies: a list of plenty of cool science projects. Anyone can browse the side for ideas, but in order to get full project tutorials and access support from their customer service group, you’ll need a paid yearly membership. Along with other features, the paid yearly membership gives you access to expert advice in the event you have trouble with a project.

Teachers and homeschooling parents will love these sites for the great lesson plans they provide. But, parents and kids alike will love them, too for the ideas they give and the many opportunities they provide to learn more about science. You don’t have to be a kid to love these sites; there’s plenty of fun here for adults, as well.

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