Average Salary with a Masters in Clinical Research

A masters in clinical research allows you to work in medicine, but rather than dealing directly with patients to provide care, you’ll work with a team of other researchers to develop and test new drugs, medical devices, and other forms of treatment. Workers in this field do everything from the creation of a brand new drug in a laboratory to clinical trials with human patients.

Clinical Research Salary Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for a medical scientist is $82,240. However, this position often requires a doctoral degree. Employer type makes a difference as well, as large labs and government-owned facilities tend to offer higher salaries than smaller, privatized labs. Other factors that play into your salary in this field include whether or not your research qualifies for grants, where you live, and what kind of medical issues you’re working to prevent or treat.

Clinical Research Bonuses and Benefits

Many employers offer bonuses for successful trials, prominent steps forward in research, or passing through government requirements to get on the market. Most also offer several thousands of dollars in bonuses to clinical researched every year. In addition, your employer will likely offer you a benefits package that includes medical and dental insurance, a retirement plan, paid vacation, and more, and you may even be able to go back to school for free under employee tuition reimbursement plans.

Online Master Degrees in Clinical Research, Trials, Nursing, and Psychology

Walden University MS in Clinical Research Walden University › The Walden University MS in Clinical Research Administration program is taught using the most advanced texts, interactive media, and practical lesson plans. The curriculum teaches the methodologies behind administering a clinical research environment. Features a capstone course.
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Northcentral University MA in Psych: Health Psychology Northcentral University › At the Northcentral University MA in Psychology - Health Psychology degree program, students experience a curriculum written to provide a targeted education for behavioral and health sciences professionals. The online program features an award winning faculty eager to assist you on your educational journey.
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University of Cincinnati MSN: Clinical Nursing University of Cincinnati › Accelerate your career at the University of Cincinnati by enrolling in the MSN - Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) degree program. Boosting one of the the most complete CNS programs in the nation, Cincinnati offers a curriculum that bridges hard science with teaching arts to educate the next generation of clinical nurse specialists.
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