Grants and Scholarships for Masters in Clinical Research Students

Grants and scholarships are both readily available for students who want to pursue a masters degree in clinical research. This is a growing field, with multiple opportunities for job advancement, and by taking the time to submit a few applications, scholarships and grants could completely pay for your education.

Clinical Research Grants

Clinical research grants are available to students who demonstrate need in a specific field. At the master’s degree level, you’ll typically see grants available for research projects, so you can submit an application dealing with a certain topic you hope to research while pursuing your education. Grants are also often available directly from universities, or from departments within these universities, to help attract the best and brightest students who qualify, regardless of finances. Grant applications are usually lengthy, but that payoff is that they may cover the complete cost of your education as well as a provide a stipend for your living expenses.

Clinical Research Scholarships

Scholarships, unlike grants, are typically given based on merit rather than need, though some take financial need into consideration as well. Clinical research scholarships for master’s degree students are usually called fellowships and are most commonly given by specific schools. Sometimes, government programs and private organizations also provide fellowships for students in clinical research programs. Scholarships are often based on the work you do as an undergraduate, unlike grants which are more commonly based on your plans for future study in the field. Every scholarship has different rules, but some can be used for living expenses as long as tuition and other educational costs.

Other Forms of Money for a Clinical Research Education

Scholarships and grants aren’t your only choices if you need to find money for education in a clinical research program. After you earn your undergraduate degree, consider working in your field of choice at a lower level – many employers offer tuition assistance programs to encourage their employees to go back to school. You can also consider student loans – although you have to pay this money back when you’re finished with your education, this is a field where there’s the potential to earn a six-figure salary fairly quickly, so you should have no problems paying back your student loans.

Online Master Degrees in Clinical Research, Trials, Nursing, and Psychology

Walden University MS in Clinical Research Walden University › The Walden University MS in Clinical Research Administration program is taught using the most advanced texts, interactive media, and practical lesson plans. The curriculum teaches the methodologies behind administering a clinical research environment. Features a capstone course.
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Northcentral University MA in Psych: Health Psychology Northcentral University › At the Northcentral University MA in Psychology - Health Psychology degree program, students experience a curriculum written to provide a targeted education for behavioral and health sciences professionals. The online program features an award winning faculty eager to assist you on your educational journey.
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University of Cincinnati MSN: Clinical Nursing University of Cincinnati › Accelerate your career at the University of Cincinnati by enrolling in the MSN - Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) degree program. Boosting one of the the most complete CNS programs in the nation, Cincinnati offers a curriculum that bridges hard science with teaching arts to educate the next generation of clinical nurse specialists.
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